"Lose 20lbs in 8 weeks GUARANTEED or your money back!
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Cornwall's Most Healthy Weight Loss Program"

In the Summit Weight Reduction Program you will feel comfortable about making your decision to lose weight because we understand your desire to lose weight the healthy way.

People all around the Cornwall area have turned to the Summit Weight Reduction program for healthy weight loss that is easy to maintain long term. The Summit Weight Reduction program understands your desire to lose weight gradually. The average weight loss of our clients is a healthy 20lbs in 8 weeks.

You will see many of our program's success stories below. The next success story will be you.

Our program is not like anything else offered in the Cornwall area.
Read this ENTIRE PAGE to find out why.

I am far from my goal but I definitely feel I'm on the right track.

I started my weight loss journey being overweight, not able to keep up with my children and my daily routines. At 42 I felt like a Seventy Year Old. After starting the Weight Reduction Program at Summit, I slowly gained energy and learned about using correct eating habits and the benefits of a proper diet for my body type.

I can now keep up with all of my chosen activities. I am far from my goal but I definitely feel I'm on the right track. Since I began the Weight Reduction Program back in January of 2017, I have surpassed my original goal of losing 20 pounds and now look forward to working out every week. I have made a commitment to this regime and living a healthy lifestyle.

Julie Hehir - 42 years old

Melanie lost 21.5 lbs in 8 weeks!

There is always time for you. I am proof. I am a 38 year woman that has given birth 3 times in 3.5 years. It has taken a tole on my body. Two months ago, when my last born was 4 months old, I decided it was time to think of my health and to make sure I will be around for a long time, with these beautiful little creatures.

But before I joined Summit's Weight Reduction Program I needed to see that it worked. And I got my proof. I witnessed two other moms who had joined before me and how they made it work for themselves. I thought, "ok maybe this program might work for me". However, I was still concerned on how much time I could devote to it, especially having a school aged child, a busy toddler and an exclusively breastfed baby.

The Summit Weight Reduction Program is really well thought out. It's a well oiled machine. On one hand you've got Jason Dennis'

guidance, reassurance and resources on the nutritional department. I threw him a few wrenches along the way, having many food allergies, but he was always willing to find alternatives to help me out. The other part of this program that worried me was the work outs. How would I fit this in? Well it turns out, the classes are scheduled in the evening, when my babies are asleep! The classes are hosted by Steve, Lance and Jessica. They are awesome! Every class is original. The instructors are professional, courteous and encouraging us to do our personal best at every session.

So if you are like me, having little time to spare and looking for a way to embrace your new mom body, the Weight Reduction Program totally works! Real food for real moms, achieving real results, in real time! 21.5 lbs in 8 weeks! (That's 5 inches off my waist, 3 inches off my chest, 3.5 inches off the hips and almost an one inch off each thigh!).

Melanie, 38 years old

Courtney lost 55 pounds in 24 weeks!

24 weeks ago my life changed for the better. A close friend of mine convinced me to join the Summit Weight Reduction Program. I had considered it in the past but had never acted on it... this was my chance.

I had always put myself last. As a mother to a very active 4 year old my life involved rushing her from one sport to the next. How could I possibly find the time to fit in the gym? The answer was simple... make time.

The program made it "easy". Class times took into consideration a Moms busy schedule, cardio sessions were done when you could fit it in and the meals weren't restrictive so they allowed me to make one meal that the entire family could enjoy.

Almost immediately I noticed significant changes. Not only was I losing weight but my energy levels increased, my chronic headaches subsided and knee and back pain decreased.

The relationships that were built throughout the process kept me motivated. The classes at Summit are like no other. Everyone is there for one another and encourages you along the way. They have become my social outings, my chance to unwind after a busy day and my chance to focus on me.

In 24 weeks I have lost 55 pounds and have loved every minute of the journey. I am a better version of the Mom I was 24 weeks ago and a better role model to my daughter.

To say I couldn't have done it without the ongoing support of our instructor, Lance Kelly, would be an understatement. He continues to push us all to be better versions of ourselves. To the entire team at Summit Health and Fitness.... Thank You

Courtney Lauzon 32 years old

Holly lost 23 pounds!

The night of January 4th, 2015 I made a pledge to myself that I was going to do something about my weight and whatever I did it would be for good. It had been a journey to even arrive at this point, but I had finally made it and nothing was going to stop me; not even my fear of failure. On January 5th I met with Jason and he gave me the lo-down on the program and the following day I officially joined the Summit Weight Reduction Program. I haven't looked back! I have learned so much about myself in this process. I am strong, I am capable, and I deserve to be healthy and feel my best.

I started off in the weight reduction classes and moved in to a boot camp workout. All of Summit's trainers offer something different and are exceptional in assisting you with your personal goals. A big thank you to them, the front desk, Jason and my fellow boot campers! The support is so amazing and I never thought the gym was a place for me. Now I see that it is. It has become a home away from home. If you are like me and need to surround yourself with positive people then Summit is the place to work out.

So, if you are reading this, you are thinking of joining. Like you I had doubts and fears. But don't listen to those voices in your head. They are the reason you are overweight in the first place. I am now 23 pounds lighter and counting but it is NOT a quick fix! This is for life. I finally understand what a healthy lifestyle looks like. It means being able to run a 5km for the first time in my life, have confidence like never before and fuel my body with good food. Now go! Call Jason. You deserve to feel like I do too.

Holly M - 32 years old from Cornwall

Tracy Filion Bernier lost 22lbs and 7.3% bodyfat in only 8 weeks

As a 30 year old mother of three, I decided to join the Weight Reduction program at Summit Health & Fitness because I was uncomfortable with the way I looked and felt after having my last child. But mostly, I needed motivation and a push towards a healthier and new me.

When I contacted Jason Dennis, owner of Summit, he was very quick to email me back and I had an appointment the next day. My journey to start losing weight and feeling healthier started the day after! The first few weeks were not easy; however, they were well worth it. I started to feel so much better, waking up in the morning, having more energy and more initiative to get things done. The staff at Summit was extremely welcoming and super motivating. Great service!

Up-to-date, I've lost a total of 22 lbs/total of 17.5 inches in 8 weeks. My journey doesn't end here; my plan is to keep going as I love every minute of the way I feel, as well as the drive that I've established since joining the Weight Reduction program. Thank you very much for all of your help and encouragement!


Tracy Filion-Bernier

"My name is Marie Glaude and this is my journey."

My battle began in the fall of 2012 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the wonderful prognosis I was left with medications that were notorious for weight gain. After battling with surgery, chemotherapy and then radiation now I was facing weight gain like never before.

I was discharged from my physiotherapist in January 2014 and advised to attend a gym to ease the pain I was feeling due to taking the medication Tamoxifen.

Tamoxifen gives me flu like symptoms and especially arthritis aches and pains. Nevertheless the benefits of me being on a chemo pill every day for the next 5 years out way being without it.

So I was battling the weight gain and the aches and pains.

I was looking for a way out and I found it at Summit Fitness and their Weight Reduction Program. Walking into Summit Fitness 8 weeks ago was the best decision I could have made for my future.

I have now lost over 20 lbs and have eased the pain to a minimum. I am no way done yet though. I plan on continuing with this program for some time to come. Jason, Steve and Lance have helped me tremendously to go on a path that is perfect for me and my needs.

The cardio classes are great and I really enjoy them. I believe if I can find this relief and comfort there anyone can. Put trust in yourself and walk through the doors of Summit Fitness and join the Weight Reduction. I can promise you won’t regret it!

To Jason and all of you at Summit Fitness,

I say a big Thank you.

Marie Glaude

"...I have lost a total of 43lbs and 22 1/4 inches. I have gone down 2 pant sizes and I can now wear XL shirts."

On March 28, 2013 I finally got the courage to make a change in my life. I joined the weight reduction program at Summit Health & Fitness Club. My life has completely changed since.

Before joining the gym, I weighed approximately 292 lbs. I didn't feel good about myself. I hated to go shopping because nothing fit me. I had to buy 3XL shirts and even then they were sometimes tight on me. I didn't like to take pictures. And the most important thing, I was putting my health and my "life" at risk. Being overweight only increases the chances of a stroke or having a heart attack. I want to be able to see my two beautiful daughters grow and be able to play with them.

On May 28, 2013, exactly two months since I joined the gym, I have lost a total of 43lbs and 22 1/4 inches. I have gone down 2 pant sizes and I can now wear XL shirts.

I have a lot of energy and most importantly I am conscious of what I eat.

My wife posted a picture very recently on Facebook and believe it or not, my family thought that the picture was fake, that my wife had used "photoshop". When we came face to face, they saw the huge change in me. I feel good about myself. I have changed my eating habits. I have turned my life around.

I have my wife and two daughters to thank for their support. It's not easy; you must have dedication and determination to be able to make such a huge change.

My success story does not end here; my goal is to continue to work hard towards losing more weight and keeping the weight of. It's the best decision I ever made.

The program works and I would recommend it to anyone that wants make a change.

Thank you "SUMMIT"



"I went from a size 16 pants to an 8."

Being 38 and suffering from high blood pressure, migraines, IBS and diverticulitis, celiac, acid reflux, depression and anxiety, sleep apnea, and stomach bloat. I decided it was time to do something. The sign outside at Summit was what made it appealing to me. My thought was... "Wow they are guaranteeing me 20 pounds in 8 weeks or my money back." Having joined in June 2013 it was very hard to stick to the program due to the summer and being out on the boat. But with better knowledge and determination I was able to make wiser food choices and shed some weight off. Working full time and not always being able to eat proper meals when required I was able to learn what to eat that was healthy and quick instead of running to grab fast food or a chocolate bar and a bag of chips.

I went from a size 14-16 pants to an 8. I am proud to say I lost 24lbs, 4.4 % body fat. My blood pressure went from 150/100 to 120/78. My IBS is under control. My body is actually having time to absorb the food nutrients. I was on 5 prescriptions and I am no longer taking anything. I don't remember the last time I slept all night. Since losing weight I sleep all night and wake up feeling refreshed. My weight lose journey was amazing from the first day I set foot into Summit Health and Fitness Club. From Rick's warm welcome at the desk to my one on one meeting with Jason to my weight reduction classes with Stephanie and Steve and to my one on one with my trainer Lance. You are not just another number. I am greeted by name every time I walk into the gym. I have learnt lots about what to eat due to my celiac and IBS. I have learnt the difference between processed food and convenient foods and real foods. The cook book they supplied me with has some amazing recipes. The weight reduction class scared me because I hate crowds and have no coordination. I was welcomed by Stephanie and had no issues with keeping up to the class. You do what you can. Having IBS and diverticulitis I wasn't always able to eat what they suggested so Jason found me alternatives that worked for me.

Now that my 8 week Weight Reduction program is over, my journey to my weight goal continues. I will always have encouragement from the Summit team. I strongly recommend this program to anyone that is serious about wanting to improve their general health and weight loss. Thanks Summit Team!!!!

Odette Kennedy

"At my last weigh-in, after 4 months, I was down 50 lbs."

In 2013 I started the weight loss program, following the diet and going to the classes but my heart was not in it. I coasted throughout the full year going to classes occasionally but gave up on the diet and even gained a little more weight. I was feeling sorry for myself and had a bleak outlook towards my weight.

Thankfully, I eventually came to the realization that I was the only one who was making me fat and therefore I was the only person who could change that. So on January 6th, 2014 I started back with the determination that I was going to reach my goal weight in 2014 and be the fittest person I could be.

To help me reach that goal, I work on keeping a positive frame of mind and keep the thought that each day I give 100%, is another step towards reaching my goal. Persistence is the key. Each week I surprise myself at how strong I am and what my body is able to do.

It is a wonderful feeling. I'm a sucker for motivational sayings and my favorite is "Water drops cut through a rock not because of their power but because of their Persistence".

Even though it took me a year to get my act together, there has always been positive reinforcement and support from everyone at the Summit Weight Reduction Program. The weekly weigh-ins with Jason, the classes, the personal training with Lance have all provided me with the best possible tools to become successful. The encouragement and great spirit by all have made this a most enjoyable journey so far.

At my last weigh-in, after 4 months, I was down 50 lbs..still quite a few to go but if I continue to eat clean and work-out the way I have been , my goals are very attainable.

Mary Murphy

"I lost 33 lbs and feel great!"

When I joined the Summit Weight Reduction program, I was 57 years old and weighed 249.5 lbs. I also had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. It was time for me to do something about these medical issues. Within 8 weeks, I lost 33 lbs and feel great! I went from a size 20 to a size 16. It's the best thing I could have done for myself. I am still losing weight even after the 8 weeks. I couldn't have done this without the Summit Weight Reduction program.

Debbie Lost 40lbs The Healthy Way in Only 3 Months
"This program has changed my life immensely. This program is not one of those fast diet plans, it truly helps a person change their whole outlook on staying healthy."

I have been on several diets in the past. Some of the programs involved pills and powders, special meal menus and crash diets. The one thing that lured, and sparked my interest in the SUMMIT program was the fact that they did not promote any pills or powders or cash diets.

This program has changed my life immensely. This program is not one of those fast diet plans, it truly helps a person change their whole outlook on staying healthy. The staff at SUMMIT is very dedicated to helping individuals gain new insights on how to successfully stay healthy and fit. They go out of their way to accommodate your needs. If you want a new way of looking at your health give the SUMMIT Weight Reduction Program a fair chance. I will be eternally grateful to this program for helping to change my life. Thank you to all who helped me attain my dream and goal. Proud member of the SUMMIT family.

Debbie Piquette

Jeff lost a whopping 25.5 lbs, 9.1% bodyfat

In only 8 weeks Jeff lost a whopping 25.5 lbs, 9.1% bodyfat and over 15 inches! Over the course of 8 weeks, Jeff learned how eliminating processed food, eating "real food" and balancing high quality training is the key to long term success. With the help of our "After Care" program, Jeff has continued to lose weight and is now training harder than ever. He feel amazing!! Summit Weight Reduction has provided Jeff with the tools for long term success!

The clients who are successful in The Summit Weight Reduction are just like you.

They want to get healthy, shed their unwanted pounds, get toned up and they want to have lots fun doing it. Meeting new people, making friends and bonding with other people (just like you) inside the community will also make you feel great!

Our clients are just like you in the sense that they have busy lives and they don't have unlimited time to dedicate to a weight loss program. All you need is 3-4 hours per week for the next 8 weeks. That is all!

The Summit Weight Reduction Program makes healthy weight loss a snap. We know you also don't have money to waste on a program that will not produce significant results.

Jason Dennis, the founder of the Summit Weight Reduction Program, will see you personally to make sure you get all the amazing details of this ground breaking program.

Call Summit Fitness today at 613 930 2445 and make an appointment for your free consultation with Jason Dennis.

" I was able to lose 25 lbs..."

The Summit Weight Reduction program has really worked well for me. I've lost weight in the past, but haven't been able to keep it off. With the support of the staff at Summit, I was able to lose 25 lbs, 1.8% bodyfat, and 12.25 inches during the 8 week program. In addition to my initial weight loss, the Weight Reduction "Aftercare" program helped me lose an additional 21 lbs, 3.9% bodyfat, and 11 more inches! In just over 16 weeks, I'm down 46 lbs and have more energy than I've ever had. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants a new lease on life!

" I've lost 33 lbs..."

My name is April and I'm 29 years old. After having my daughter 10 years ago, I kept the baby weight on. I lost weight here and there but never got back to where I was before I got pregnant. My daughter is special needs, so I have always put her needs before my own. After Christmas of 2011, I decided I needed to do something about that and take back my life. I was determined to get healthier for myself so I could be around for my daughter.

I joined the Summit Weight Reduction Program the 19th of January, 2012 and there was no turning back! Since then, I've lost 33 lbs (21 lbs on the program and 12lbs on my own). My favourite part of the program was the cookbook that was provided to us. There are so many DELICIOUS recipes to try that make the program that much more enticing. I enjoyed the support that was ALWAYS there for me, the Group Fitness classes, and then just being able to come to the gym on your own to either help kick start your day, or help you wind down.

This Program has given me back my Health and just makes me want to be better for myself and my family. I've got the support from my family, friends and the staff at the gym to help me continue my journey... I LOVE IT!!

April Bobbitt 29 years old

"I lost 38lbs the Healthy way at Summit Health & Fitness Club"

I was sick of waking up every morning feeling like a truck has run over me.

I decided to join Summit because I needed professional guidance to losing weight the healthy way!

The Summit trainers walked me threw all the right step to nutrition, weight training and exercise. I now feel great and have lots of energy to last threw out the day!

I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious and ready to commit themselves to a healthier lifestyle!

Thanks Summit trainers for a job well done!!!

"Do not let your age stop you...."

Being in my late 60s and knowing I had to lose weight and get back into shape, I finally decided to come to Summit Fitness and check if the sign "Lose 20 lbs in 8 weeks" would work for me. 8 weeks later and with great support of staff and instructors, I reached my goal! I really enjoyed the Weight Reduction program. Do not let your age stop you. Come and enjoy what Summit Weight Reduction can do for you!

Denise Gagnon 68 years old

"No program motivates you more to lose weight!"

Tina Charlebois, 33 yrs old, lost 19lbs and 6.2% bodyfat in only 8 weeks.

Call Summit Fitness today at 613 930 2445
and make an appointment for your free consultation with Jason Dennis.

Losing weight the healthy way is easy with The Summit Weight Reduction Program. This is what you will receive when you join this week..

Chrissy lost 24.5 lbs, 4.4% bodyfat and over 15 inches!

In only 8 weeks Chrissy lost 24.5 lbs, 4.4% bodyfat and over 15 inches! Over the course of 8 weeks, Chrissy learned how eliminating processed food, eating "real food" and balancing high quality training is the key to long term success. With the help of our "After Care" program, Chrissy has lost another 16 lbs since finishing our 8-week program. Summit Weight Reduction has provided Chrissy with the tools to long term success!

Bill Lost 38lbs
"The program also showed me how to eat and what to eat. What's left to say, IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY."

I've been at fitness clubs for many years and never really got the benefits of a good workout.

I was overweight and my blood pressure went through the roof. My doctor was adamant I get with the program and loose weight and get my blood pressure down.

After a visit to Summit Health and Fitness Club and consultation, I was on my way. The weight loss program offered was fantastic. Over the course of twelve weeks, the SUMMIT trainers put me through an extensive exercise program designed to not only loose the weight but also strengthen those muscles. The program also showed me how to eat and what to eat. What's left to say, IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Bill Makinson

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